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Our Story

Our story began in an Intro to Entrepreneurship course where the goal was to come up with an idea we thought might be viable in the marketplace and run through a viability experiment. The three of us grouped up on what we thought was a revolutionary attachment for a CamelBak that could monitor water usage on a hike or other activity. The day before we were to present initial ideas to a panel of local entrepreneurs, we found out the idea we wanted to pitch already existed and was much better than our our idea. How awkward. We didn’t want to pitch an idea that already existed, so we went into brainstorm mode.

Tyler mentioned about experiences when he was a kid roasting marshmallows with his Dad and stuffing chunks of a chocolate bar inside the marshmallow to make sure the chocolate actually melted when the marshmallow was roasted. We laughed and wrote off the idea as not serious enough. This was a college class and we weren’t going to pitch a chocolate marshmallow and expect to be taken seriously.

James suggested that if we could figure out a way to actually make a marshmallow and get some chocolate inside of them, we would have the best presentation in class. We’d actually roast marshmallow in class and everyone could roast their own during the presentation. They could care less about what was being presented, they would just be amazed that they were roasting a marshmallow in class.

Turns out, the idea worked. The class, and especially the professor, were amazed at the ingenuity of the idea and kept asking if we were “actually going to do this.”

Fast forward a few years, and the university was putting on immersive program designed to help launch student business ideas and concluded with a business pitch competition that had some prize money and and office space up for grabs. We joined, got accepted, and won some capital and and office space to launch. This was our senior year, and after some serious thought, we decided now was the time in our lives to give something like this a try. We turned down formal job offers elsewhere and told our parents we were going to start a marshmallow company, and Stuff’n Mallows was born.

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