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Is there actually chocolate inside the marshmallow?

Of course! We like to pride ourselves, as far as we can tell, of being the first to use real inclusions inside the marshmallow that we make from scratch. The chocolate chip flavor has real chocolate chips inside the marshmallow that melt perfectly when roasted.

How many marshmallows are in a tub?

We load our tubs according to weight. Each tub has 7.5oz of marshmallows which comes out to about 14-15 marshmallows per tub.

Can I use these for s’mores?

Of course! That’s where the whole idea started. We’d like to expand the confines of a s’more being just a camping activity over a campfire and open up the endless possibilities for how to enjoy s’mores. Check out our S’More Ways to Enjoy page for other ideas, or submit and share creative thoughts of your own!

How long do these stay fresh?

The biggest culprit to our marshmallows is air and heat. If they are exposed to the air and not sealed back up they will get stale. It’s also a chocolate product, and just like any other chocolate if left out in the direct heat for too long it will melt. Keep them sealed and out of direct heat and they have a shelf life of 9 months….if you don’t eat them all before then.

What’s the best flavor?

Peanut Butter. Just kidding. Everyone has their favorite and it brings up great debate and fun discussion. We have 3 staple flavors, and a bank of ideas with lots of other fun flavors to be released on a pilot system. Keep an eye out to make sure you get a new flavor before it’s all gone.

Where can I buy these?

Right here! Or you can check out our list of stores on our store locator to find a store near you. Suggestions are always appreciated.

Are Stuff’n Mallows Gluten Free?

They are not certified gluten free as they are made in a facility that produces products that contain gluten. There is no gluten in the ingredients, but we do not claim gluten free due to the facility they are produced in.

Are Stuff’n Mallows vegan?

No the marshmallows are not vegan. But they are delicious.

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